IMITEK offers the following products:

iPAS 1.1 © qAtlas© iPAS© API iPAS VIEWER©

iPAS1.1 ©

- A configurable database independent software platform for the safe management, visualization, processing, analysis, scoring and inspection of medical images.

  • Management: Includes image organization, series/study filtering, workflow creation and management, image annotations and imaging processing trails.
  • Visualization:  Display, rotation, intensity windowing, orthogonal reconstruction, synchronized views and multiple timepoints synchronized visualization.
  • Processing: Configurable Plug-ins driven image processing.
  • Analysis: ROI definitions, Slice to slice ROI propagation, linear measurements and area measurements.
  • Scoring and Inspection: Configurable scoring and inspection dialogs according to study needs.
All image manipulations are stored in the DICOM header and disk stored images never delete previous results data. Therefore; iPAS© provides a simple trail for processing and quantification tasks.

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- is a set of three processing libraries that are required for atlas based segmentation of medical images.

  • REGISTRATION: The registration plug-in offers a suite of 3D registration ITK ( utilities for series to series registrations, multimodality registration, timepoint to timepoint registration and atlas based segmentation and registration.
  • SEGEMENTATION:  The segmentation plug-in offers a suit of 3D image segmentations utilities for the unsupervised classification of pixels/voxels into different clusters.
  • QUANTIFICATION: The quantification plug-in is a tool that provides a compressive set of 3D measurements from segmented medical images:  Volumes, surface areas, densities, surface curvatures.


IMITEK offers a simple and robust visualization platform that can be used to test and validate custom developed image analysis tools.


IMITEK offers a simple visualization platform for medical images.